News & Events

Feb.28th -Mar 1st, 2017kick off meetingOBSPARIS, Paris
Jan.15th -Jan.17th, 20181st project meetingCESNET, Prague
April 13th , 2018internal workshopINRIM, Torino

Nov.22nd -Nov.23rd, 2018

2nd project meeting


Feb. 26th  2019Training eventNPL, Teddington
April 22th-26th 2019International Physics Schoolles Houches, France,

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High Precision Physics using an Optical Fibre Link and Optical Frequency Comb

A CLONETS supported International Physics School at les Houches School of Physics, France, 22-26th April 2019.[more]


Workshop on the current state-of-the-art time and frequency transfer techniques

Training event at NPL, the UK’s National Measurement Institute on 26th February 2019. [more]